What's New
  • 1.1 release, after private 1.0 beta test (yes, the version numbers don't make sense)

FlagFox is a Mozilla FireFox extension which displays the flag of the location of the current server. It achieves this by using an IP address to country database rather than domain-name top-level-domains (eg ".uk" or ".br"), and so works with all sites. Clicking the flag takes you to Wikipedia page for that country.

FlagFox uses no additional network resources. It does one DNS lookup which is guaranteed to be a local DNS cache hit. All images and the mapping database is kept in the extension (which is why the extension is so large!).

1.2 - Maintenance release

1.1 - Initial public release on 1.0 - Initial limited release

The flagfox project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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